The Tactical Traveler for 1999

joe December 23 Briefing for Business Travelers
Early warnings on the strike front; America West is now the nation's worst airline; bad choices from Amex on Membership Rewards; three more luxury hotels open around the world; bowl bargains for the New Year; and more.

December 16 Briefing for Business Travelers
'Tis the season for low hotel rates; airfare gouging times nine; a State Department warning for New Year's and Ramadan; the lost-luggage limit will double to $2,500 next month; Le Grand Hotel in Rome reopens; and more.

December 9 Briefing for Business Travelers
Finding the best search engine for business travel; the Skytrain opens in Bangkok; are high-tech tools eroding our inter-personal skills?; Delta launches a New York-Venice nonstop; bargain business-class fares in a package from British Airways; and more.

December 8 Briefing for Business Travelers
Winter "Clearance" sales; ice skating between flights at Malpensa; airlines add snow- and sun-country flights; American Airlines installs baggage sizers; Omni Hotels to drop adult pay-per-view movies; and more.

December 2 Briefing for Business Travelers
Avoiding the weekend fare-increase trap; beware of flyers with masks and luxury cars; Marriott converts most of the Swallow hotels in Britain; Austrian Airlines discounts Eastern Europe via Vienna; and more.

November 30 Briefing for Business Travelers
Plummeting Euro equals immediate 17 percent discount; new travel Web sites; airlines add flights to warm-weather destinations; Tahoe Air, Taesa and Access Air are grounded; and more.

November 18 Briefing for Business Travelers
Plan now, shop later in London; the demographics of business travel; Kalamazoo and airfares, too; Thanksgiving weekend hotel deals; Stockholm gets its high-speed airport-to-city rail link; and more.

November 16 Briefing for Business Travelers
New Year’s Eve roundup: more Millenium news and deals; party on the fly to Hawaii; tea for two hundred in London; the highs and lows of New Year’s Eve accommodations’ pricing; no-fly zones and airline shutdowns; the $100,000 Ultimate Experience at the Ritz-Carlton includes big-name bling and swag; and more.

November 12 Briefing for Business Travelers
Airline upgrade programs let you buy coach and fly first; airlines help fund airport renovations to accommodate skyrocketing air traffic; Arlanda Express high-speed rail link opens at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport; Internet titans battle for your online travel bookings; and more.

November 11 Briefing for Business Travelers
The last big fare sale of the year; another 'worldwide caution' from the State Department; the rising cost of rental cars; why Mr. Bean is popular worldwide in flight; Omni dumps in-room porn; a week in Barbados--and a flight on Concorde; and more.

November 5 Briefing for Business Travelers
The last fare sale of the year; FAA says 565 airports are prepped for possible Y2K disruptions; popularity of private-jet “timeshares” grows; holiday hotel deals; TIA/OAG "Survey of Business Travelers” spotlights travel patterns; and more.

November 4 Briefing for Business Travelers
Passenger rights and political wrongs; a new 12-gate concourse in Phoenix; a burst of food Web sites focused on specific cities; get used to some new area codes; American Airlines thinks fares are too low; a whimsical fare sale from Swissair; and more.

October 28 Briefing for Business Travelers
Who's really to blame for delays; ski-season deals from car-rental firms; the Y2K bug is bugging travel managers; 20 Italian hotels convert to Holiday Inn; JetBlue Airways wants to launch in January; a Mandarin Oriental sale; and more.

October 21 Briefing for Business Travelers
Stay on the way and save; an indifferent Concierge from Conde Nast; some rare New York bargains; the regional-jet revolution; a business-class fare break from Destination Europe; and more.

October 19 Briefing for Business Travelers
By-the-day office rentals; airlines promote online bookings via mileage bonuses; carriers fill-in route networks with new flights to second-tier and seasonal destinations; Delta buys Comair; the nonstop Heathrow Express rail link between Heathrow Airport and London's Paddington Station is still out of service; junk food prices around the globe; and more.

October 17 Briefing for Business Travelers
Cast your Freddie Award votes online; Condé-Nast launches; airlines quietly raise leisure-travel fares; Delta Air Lines bids goodbye to long-time code-sharing partners Austrian Airlines, Swissair and Sabena; protests cause flight delays and work stoppages at Paris airports; airlines add new flights for 2000; the reason international airfares are so high; and more.

October 14 Briefing for Business Travelers
Europe's off-season crunch; how to win a classic roadside diner; fares rise again; Pan Am is back in the air--again; a new all-suite property near MIA; and more.

October 10 Briefing for Business Travelers
Frequent Flyer magazine dissects the world’s Business Class cabins; winners, losers and myths revealed in a DOT report; get free or low-cost hotel stays with airline "stay-on-the-way" programs; United and Delta add mileage-purchase options to frequent flyer programs; hotel rebrandings; and more.

October 7 Briefing for Business Travelers
Double miles and double the freebies; are you Y2Kurious?; Delta and South African will share codes; who's getting the corporate airfare discounts; sex with the proper stranger in flight; Sabena's capital-to-capital bargain; and more.

September 30 Briefing for Business Travelers
Prices plummet in the Caribbean off-season; beating the airlines in court; guessing at business-travel costs in 2000; a first-class fare sale from National Airlines; and more.

September 29 Briefing for Business Travelers
AMEX expects modest hikes in airfare, rental car and meal prices and larger increases in telecom costs in 2000; the “hidden” value of Diners Club cards; a traveler takes Northwest Airlines to small-claims court and wins; “call-back” plans cut international phone costs; airlines upgrade fall schedules; and more.

September 23 Briefing for Business Travelers
Marriott shuffles its frequent-stay plans; airlines up the discount ante; the carriers add more international routes; an introductory bargain at Hilton's new hotel at Boston/Logan; and more.

September 16 Briefing for Business Travelers
Listen to Delta at your own risk; seat maps on the Web; the dollar loses some steam overseas; the gasoline rip-off at car-rental firms; Hurricane Dennis cripples East Coast airports; free navigation systems from Hertz; and more.

September 15 Briefing for Business Travelers
Airline on-time ratings plummet; Priority Pass offers airport club access at a discount; where to find a carrier’s "Contract of Carriage”; Laptop Lane opens outposts at six airports; Staples set to open in Philadelphia International airport; high-speed Arlanda Express rail service will link Stockholm to Arlanda Airport; and more.

September 9 Briefing for Business Travelers
The high cost of 'free' miles; time to think about European Delivery again; Staples will open kiosks in airports; United builds at its 'new' hub at LAX; free-ticket battles to Britain; and more.

September 2 Briefing for Business Travelers
Labor unrest for Labor Day; here comes the parade of Europe deals for the fall; out of the mouth of passengers; Amtrak delays Acela service again; a hotel bargain (including breakfast) in New York; and more.

August 19 Briefing for Business Travelers
Breaking the stranglehold of frequent flyer plans; two more credit cards increase their secret fees; what business travelers want from hotels; Iridium goes bust; British Midland bargains in Europe; and more.

August 5 Briefing for Business Travelers
Watch for end-of-the-month flight delays; more fare highs and phony lows; major hotels are shifting brand flags; Autogrill buys HMS Host; Swissair deals on flights to Basel; and more.

July 22 Briefing for Business Travelers
The airlines blame everyone but themselves for delays; the after-effects of war in Europe are big discounts; corporate jets to replace the Big Seven; New York discounts on Sunday--and Saturday; and more.

July 8 Briefing for Business Travelers
The death of duty free; airline nostalgia Web sites; how we lose in the code-share shell game; Austin's new airport works--and it's got good barbecue; how safe will Y2K flights be; and more.

June 24 Briefing for Business Travelers
Europe has tardy flights, too; Iridium is tanking; airline alliances in motion; playing financial games with airline valuations; Northwest says your flight is good if the toilet worked; and more.

June 10 Briefing for Business Travelers
The upgrade shell game; a door-to-door luggage scheme; shift the blame for late flights; more crime at Mexico City's airport; all-star promotions for the All-Star Game in Boston; and more.

June 1 Briefing for Business Travelers
Virtual venting at the airlines; the dollar is semi-almighty in Euroland; hope (and new airlines) spring eternal; you're nuts for eating nuts in-flight; Lindbergh's Legacy; premium-class promotions; and more.

May 13 Briefing for Business Travelers
On-time agony by the numbers; time to change charge cards; Austin gets ready for the big airport move; seen while surfing; Berlin 'solves' its airport muddle; and more.

May 1 Briefing for Business Travelers
Another fine-print credit card ripoff; still a few kinks in Starwood Preferred; the Boston-Washington Corridor shuffle; Delta's CEO bumps paying passengers for personal freebies; Lufthansa comes clean on World War II slave labor; and more.

April 15 Briefing for Business Travelers
Never buy airline tickets on the weekend; another dreadful Delta ad/Web campaign; the State Department ramps up its travel warnings; deals on deluxe rail cruises and Sofitel hotels; and more.

April 5 Briefing for Business Travelers
Securing seats for the Sydney Olympics; the future of airline alliances; frequent flyer program hobbyists; Asian discounts from Korean Air; and more.

March 29 Briefing for Business Travelers
The travel fallout from the Yugoslav troubles; Chris Barnett comes to the Net; the FAA skimps on safety; a suite hotel bargain in New York; and more.

March 22 Briefing for Business Travelers
Scoring the lowest fares; Gold Bond stamps return as a hotel-loyalty program; the price gap between business-travel cities large and small; the Asia outlook; United discounts Boston-London fares; and more.

March 15 Briefing for Business Travelers
Strike warnings in the unfriendly skies; an online guide to fitness options on the road; another toothless passenger's rights pronouncement; more restricted 'unrestricted' fares; and more.

March 8 Briefing for Business Travelers
Caribbean hotels delay the off season; dirty hotel rooms down under; a passage to Indian food near Heathrow; art-related hotel promotions; and more.

March 1 Briefing for Business Travelers
Europe, only cheaper; big changes on travel websites; unfair fare restrictions; a very nice hotel in the Ninth in Paris; and more.

February 22 Briefing for Business Travelers
The Tokyo two-step on Japan flights; finding Africa news on the Net; airport slots and delay statistics; the airline strike watch; deals for March Madness; and more.

February 15 Briefing for Business Travelers
Fair notice on fare increases--not; the cost of (labor) war and peace; one premium class or two; a Courtyard (by Marriott) in Midtown Manhattan; and more.

February 8 Briefing for Business Travelers
More changes, good and bad, for frequency programs; dumb smart cards for hotel locks; what airline executives think of in-flight food; cheap, fast car-rental deals in Florida; and more.

February 1 Briefing for Business Travelers
Terminals and luggage templates--and how to play them; distant travel voices on the Web; Delta gives up on its off-the-net $2 booking fee; a magical mystery tour in Beatlesland; and more.

January 25 Briefing for Business Travelers
The big winter hotel discount bazaar; the dollar surges against the yen; fulfilling Tuscan fantasies; a huge weekend bargain from Sabena; and more.

January 18 Briefing for Business Travelers
Malpensa in Milan is a lousy place to change planes; the mystery of the discharging laptops; paying Delta's $2 and being insulted; Super Bowl Sunday deals; and more.

January 11 Briefing for Business Travelers
The new Salk airport-transit guide is out; air-travel fatalities continue to decline; quadruple dipping at Hilton HHonors; a dining delight in Honolulu; and more.

January 4 Briefing for Business Travelers
The IRS lowers mileage allowances for car travel; a few glitches in the new Starwood frequent travel program; best new (thin) laptop; discounts on Japanese hotels and flights; and more.

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