The Tactical Traveler for 2019
Joe Brancatelli created The Tactical Traveler in 1998 for the now-defunct The column was conceived as a series of items that would make frequent business travelers more productive on the road. There was also a heaping helping of Joe's trademark skepticism about the travel industry and its practices. After the 9/11 terrorism attacks, however, Joe recreated Tactical Traveler as the news and analysis column for JoeSentMe. There's still plenty of skepticism, of course, because life on the road makes us a wary lot.

February 7 Briefing for Business Travelers
The briefing in brief: American keeps adding awful coach seats, but Delta and United are improving. A little. Three chains are developing 70 percent of the nation's new hotels. International routes come and go. More airport clubs where we need them. Um, Cindy McCain ... And more.

January 24 Briefing for Business Travelers
The briefing in brief: Airlines add flights, but you better like flying from their hubs. What happened to Hyatt's Canadian expansion? American AAdvantage unveils not-ready-for-prime-time changes. The shutdown shuts down some plans of Alaska and Southwest airlines. And more.

January 17 Briefing for Business Travelers
The briefing in brief: JetBlue dominates Boston/Logan despite Delta's new flights. ReallyStup: Marriott renames its loyalty program Bonvoy. Air Italy adds Milan nonstops from Chicago and Toronto. Airport clubs are hot global commodities. The start-up California Pacific is grounded. And more.

January 10 Briefing for Business Travelers
What will 2019 look like on the road? If you can predict the outcome of the government shutdown and Brexit, you'd know more. But Amazon is headed to the airport, Southwest is headed to Hawaii, the international discounters are on the edge and some really big airports will open.

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